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In the traditional bronze alembic distiller we extract with care and love the seeds of Cretan earth (aniseed, fennel). Nothing has changed since the old times except for the care and persistence in order to achieve the perfect result. The pleasure of your palate. An ouzo made of 100% pure extract.

Ouzo Blavo    Refreshing Towel Blavo
Refreshing Towel Blavo


Ouzo can act as a catalyst on cheerfulness. It has the power to turn a colorless world into a live one. Just enjoy it.

Ouzo Par2Zaki    Refreshing Towel Par2zaki
Refreshing Towel Par2zaki


The ouzo Minoitis is soft and mellow with a smooth aroma and deep aftertaste. Each sip is a unique journey in the paths of Crete and in our friends.

Ouzo Minoitis